Tory Lanez and Keys N Krates team up for “Music To My Ears” music video, directed by Nathan Boey. Puppet Tory Lanez tries to juggle multiple relationships with non-puppet women and it doesn’t go too well for him. All the puppet men dance around in the new video, which premiered exclusively on The FADER.

Keys N Krates take control on “My Night,” a weighty hip hop track featuring GOOD Music MC/vocalist 070 Shake. Appearing on the Toronto trio’s debut album “Cura,” the  hallucinogenic production is accentuated by the rising New Jersey artist’s haunting sung / rap vocal.

Keys N Krates step out of the darkness with “Glitter,” a deep twilight groove featuring New Orleans R&B talent Ambré. On the first single off the trio’s debut album “Cura,” the Canadians layer intoxicating vocals over silky synths and pulsating bass, illuminating the dancefloor with futuristic disco vibes.

Most modern pop culture references to robots illustrate them as innately evil, but what if they could be a companion? The “Love Again” video explores that notion through a dystopian world where “artificial companions” have the capacity to love, but are exiled from society.

The official video for “Nothing But Space,” set in some otherworldly beautiful corner of the Earth catches two horned creatures engaged in a dance battle between cragged mountains and wide open ocean.

Through the lens of visionary directors Adam Beck and Paul Johnston, the official music video for ‘U Already Know’ portrays a seemingly innocent commune of young eccentrics living in the outskirts of society. As the fateful narrative unfolds, Keys N Krates take you on a metaphysical journey that transpires when spiritual existence meets real life opposition.

In the new music video for their vocal ballad “Save Me (feat. Katy B),” Keys N Krates offer an absurdist take on romance and materialism. Under a motif of forbidden love, the video profiles the exaggerated inanimate relationship as it evolves from suppression to unabashed celebration.

Keys N Krates team up with Dead Skull for an original art film to accompany Hypnotik.

Canadian three-piece Keys N Krates’ trap-tinged ballad “Understand Why” comes to life through the tale of a fledgling martial arts fighter determined to conquer her craft.

After hearing “Are We Faded” off Keys N Krates’ new Every Nite EP, a young fan in Toronto got her dance class to choreograph and perform a recital to the track. The video was sent to the band, who then passed it along to Dim Mak. Everyone agreed it should be shared with the world so the public could view the music through her eyes. Here is the result.

Enter the grimy, sexy world of monster trucks with the official music video for “Keep It 100,” the single by Grandtheft & Keys N Krates. The video gives us a swift and deadly, bass-laden roundhouse kick to the face of dance music. A combination of dirt, monster trucks, girls and champagne, the video brings raunchy sex appeal to a whole new level, showing us what it means to “Keep It 100.”

Keys N Krates present the official music video for their single “Dum Dee Dum” off SOLOW EP. The video is a hilarious mockumentary that explores the Mennonite culture. Director Mike Howey visits various Mennonite communities and introduces members to current technology unbeknownst to them. The reaction from the Mennonite community to the alien sounds of “Dum Dee Dum” is priceless

Treat Me Right: an epic trip through space, time and romance novels. The official music video from Keys N Krates interprets its own ambiguous request by borrowing from the beautifully rendered (yet often ridiculous) world of vintage romance novel cover art.
Spanning everything from Highlander love to superspy ass-kickery, only an origin from deep space can explain Treat Me Right’s evolutionary mysteries.

Keys N Krates present the official music video for “I Just Can’t Deny,” the third single off their SOLOW EP.

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